Account Rollover

Account Rollover


Account Rollover is designed to help everyone who is part of the college process learn about the Common Application - from students and parents to teachers and counselors. On the registration page, we ask you to identify your role, but everyone has the same application experience, no matter how they identify themselves. Anyone can create a Common Application account, when they are ready, and their account will roll over from year to year, using the same user name and password.

This means you can start learning about and exploring the Common App on your timeline. You can begin by answering the questions in the six sections of the “Common App” tab: Profile, Family, Education, Testing, Activities, and Writing. 

Some information won't roll over each year, but you can work on these sections after the application launches each year.

When you come back, there are three key steps you'll need to complete in order to roll over your Common App account each year:

  1. Initiate. Sign in, using the same email address and password you used to create your account, and answer a few quick questions to initiate the rollover process. 
  2. Explore the dashboard. The rollover process may take a few minutes, depending on the amount of information you stored in your account. As the rollover process occurs, you'll be taken to your account Dashboard. This is where you'll keep track of all of your application requirements. Take some time to explore the Dashboard. You'll need to check it again and again throughout the application process.
  3. View Common App. After you explore the Dashboard, click to the Common App tab to continue working on your application. You may notice that some answers in the Profile, Family, Education, Activities, Testing, and Writing sections have not rolled over. Remember that some questions change from year to year, so your answers to those questions will not roll over. Don't fret - you're already way ahead of the game! Keep it going...

Remember: you don't have to walk through this process alone. We're here to help you with any questions you might have or if you find you need help. Visit and click on the "Ask a Question" tab to contact the Solutions Center. 

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