Columbia College Hollywood

Columbia College Hollywood

Columbia College Hollywood is a private, regionally accredited, non-profit liberal arts institution in the heart of the Los Angeles entertainment community. We offer Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Cinema, Graphic Design & Interactive Media, and Visual Effects and an Associate of Fine Arts in Cinema-Television. The curriculum at Columbia College Hollywood is designed to give you a solid foundation in the liberal arts and sciences to inform and enrich your artistic vision while you take courses in the areas of cinema arts, entertainment, and creative media.

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The best way to discover and explore Columbia College Hollywood is in person. Call us at 1-800-785-0585 to ask questions or schedule a visit. You can also attend our Open House where you’ll spend a whole day meeting your future instructors and fellow students, touring our studios and facilities, and participating in hands-on demonstrations that will give you a taste of what you’ll experience as a Columbia College Hollywood student. Learn more at

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