Words of Advice from The Common Application Team

Dec 28, 2016

Words of Advice from The Common Application Team

As the year comes to a close, there are many college application deadlines on the horizon. But before you hit the "submit" button, check out these final pieces of advice - directly from The Common Application team.

* "Before you submit your application, revisit each section to make sure you have the green check mark visible.  This will ensure you have not missed any questions you may need or want to answer." - Camille

* "You've submitted your Common App. Congratulations! Don't forget to check to see whether the school you're applying to also has a writing supplement. You'll see this on your dashboard as well as in the individual college's section on the My Colleges tab. After all of your hard work, you'll want to make sure your application is complete." - Meredith

* "Be honest about what you want from college and from life. Not just in your essays, but in everything you do." - Joey

* "Make sure to print a copy of your submission to each university.  Don't have a printer?  You can always Print to PDF so you have a saved copy of your work." - Camille

* "If you haven't already done so, submit your FAFSA to maximize the amount of financial aid you can receive." - Meredith

* "Be honest in your application. Everyone has challenges to overcome. Admissions offices do not expect you to be perfect, they expect you to be you." - John

* "Be sure to review everything in the PDF preview of the application you're about to submit! You don't want to find that typo or old essay version after you've already submitted." - Elisabeth

* "We hope you won't wait until the last minute to submit! But, should you find that you need every last minute to submit a thorough Common App, remember that your application is due by 11:59 p.m., your local time, on the day of the deadline." - Matt M. 

* "If the school you are applying to has a writing supplement, don't forget to submit it! Many schools won't review your application until all materials are submitted." - Deryn

* "Don't forget the people who helped you along the way with your college applications.  Write thank you notes and make sure to keep them updated when you receive those acceptance letters." - Meredith

* "Ask other people to read your essay. Listen to their suggestions as to what works and what doesn't. But remember that the essay is ultimately about letting the college know who you are." - John

* "A quick reminder email to your recommenders doesn't hurt. Send them a follow up email and a reminder that your deadline is coming up." - Elisabeth

* "When preparing to submit your Common App essay, you want to be sure you are submitting your best and most complete work. Type your essay into a text editor, such as Text Pad in Windows or TextEdit on Mac, if you are planning to copy and paste your work into the Common App. Don't forget to proofread!" - Jen D.