Tips and Tools for Mid Year Reports

Jan 05, 2018

Tips and Tools for Mid Year Reports

One in three Common App member schools requires Mid Year Reports. The Requirements Grid within the Recommender system can be sorted to identify such schools, and counselors can sort their students by those requiring a Mid Year Report.

If you are working on these reports, remember to take advantage of the Common App's pre-populated fields in the Recommender system. Last year, three sections were added to the Counselor Profile to pre-populate student forms: Class Rank, GPA, and Transcript.

These three sections contain questions that are used as default values each time you start a form for a student that also contains these questions. You can take advantage of these default values as you begin mid year reporting by updating your answers for Class Rank, GPA, and Transcript to values that better reflect the state of courses and grades at mid year. 

When you are ready to process your students’ Mid Year Reports, go to your Counselor Profile before you open any individual student’s Mid Year Report form.

* In the Class Rank section, update the From (start date) and Ending (final date)

* In the GPA section, update the From (start date), Ending (final date), and Highest grade/GPA in Class

* In the Transcript section, update grades that are included on the transcript

Please note that the Mid Year Report updates will not impact any form that has already been started or submitted to a college. The new values will only be used as defaults on future forms that have not yet been started or opened.

After you have updated these three sections in your Counselor Profile, you can then proceed to the Students tab to complete each individual student’s Mid Year Report form.

If you have students who are late in assigning you as a Counselor, and you need to first complete a School Report form, the system will use the current answers in your Counselor Profile, which you have updated to reflect mid year values. Don't worry. You can change the answers on any individual student’s school forms as needed.

Extra Credit: You can also use these tips when submitting your students' Final Reports. The process will be the same!