Wells College

Wells College

Wells College is a diverse community distinguished by the close relationships we forge with our students. Our career-focused liberal arts and sciences curriculum, integrated hands-on learning, innovative teaching methodologies, and active student life are all designed to cultivate your strengths and challenge your intellect. Pursue your passions at Wells, and discover a universe of possibilities from our beautiful lakeside campus.

Why Wells?

Learn and grow on a campus where everyone knows your name. With one professor for every ten students, Wells faculty really get to know each student. Like in graduate school, the majority of classes at Wells are taught seminar-style, with student-led discussions taking precedence over lectures. Students can tailor programs around their personal interests, whether that's 19th century English Gothic literature, vertebrate zoology, forensic psychology, or AfroHispanic history – or all of the above!

At Wells, hands-on experience in the real world is more than a promise; it's a guarantee. Through robust faculty connections and a global alumni network, students are introduced to professional internships, off-campus study programs around the world, and academic research projects tailored to individual interests and goals.

Different – and proud of it.
Wells students are artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, activists, and global citizens – each with their own unique voice and story to tell. 
What will be your story?

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