Many colleges have information sessions and programs that allow students to visit the campus. Your college search is an exciting time, and it’s important to make sure you visit the colleges that match your needs and fit your college search criteria.

Key factors to consider are: college location and size, tuition and financial aid opportunities, academic programs, and student activities.

Make a list of the academic and social qualities you want in a college and then search for schools that provide those opportunities. Once you’ve chosen several colleges that appeal to you and offer the items on your list, then sign up for a campus tour or open house.

Most students fall in love with a college campus during their visit, so make sure you are touring a college that has all of the non-negotiable features you are looking for in your college experience.

If you do not have a genuine interest in the college after your visit, then don’t pursue it any further. Dedicate your college search time only to those schools which truly appeal to you. 

About the Author

Skylar Clapperton

Skylar Clapperton is a current Graduate Assistant in the Office of Admissions at Marywood University and a Master’s Degree candidate in Marywood's Higher Education Administration program. Her research interests include parental involvement during the college search process.