Early Decision deadlines are right around the corner! If you’re planning to apply Early Decision (ED) to a college or university, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

* Early Decision is binding, meaning that if you apply to a school under this admission plan and are accepted, you agree to attend that school and withdraw any other applications you have submitted.

* Because Early Decision is binding, you can only apply to one school under this admission plan using the Common App.

* If you plan to apply Early Decision, your parent and counselor need to affirm the Early Decision Agreement, found in the member questions of your Common App account.

Here’s how to select an Early Decision deadline in the Common App.

* Go to the college’s Questions section in the My Colleges tab

* Select a Start Term (Fall 2017)

* Then select your Admission Plan (Early Decision)

It’s that easy! After you select Early Decision, you’ll be asked to confirm that you understand your rights and responsibilities under the Early Decision Process. You will also need to invite a Parent in the Recommenders and FERPA section to accept the Early Decision Agreement. Additionally, your counselor will receive a notification in their system that you are applying ED and will also need to sign the agreement.

If you’re not sure if Early Decision is the right admission plan for you, talk to your counselor and parents before deciding.


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Miriam Hancock
Content & Training Strategist, The Common Application

Miriam Hancock is the Content & Training Strategist at The Common Application where she works to ensure training and education needs are met by all Common App users. Prior to joining Common App, Miriam worked in marketing for a software startup....