It’s understandable that you might come across some questions when completing your Common Application. Maybe you’re looking for support throughout the process. Don’t worry! There is a great collection of resources designed to help you. Here are five such resources to keep in mind when looking for extra help throughout the application process.

Counseling Resources. School counselors are extremely familiar with the application process and have lots of great advice to share. As you work on your Common App, check out The Virtual Counselor - a library of expert answers to your most pressing college application questions.

The Solutions Center. The Common Application has around-the-clock service just for you. Solutions Analysts are here 24/7/365 to answer your questions via support requests and/or live chat.

Instructional Help Text. Did you know the Common App updates the righthand text in each section of the application to meet your unique needs? Within each section of the Common App, there are FAQs relating to that section to help guide you through the process.

Training Videos. Have you visited the Common App YouTube channel lately? There, you can find a wealth of helpful training videos that walk you through every step of the process - whether you're just starting your Common App, inviting and managing recommenders, or locating sources of financial aid.

The Common App website. Spend some time looking through the many resources on the website, where you can learn more about each college and university, get advice on how to prepare for college before your senior year, and find tips and information about financial aid. Each of the more than 750 colleges and universities that accepts the Common App is unique in its own way, and we encourage you to take time to explore what each one can offer you. Be sure to do your research and reach out to those colleges that you're interested in if you have questions.

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Sarah Knapp is a Member Relations Manager at The Common Application where she supports nearly 50 members schools throughout their membership experience....