Account Rollover FAQs

Jun 12, 2017

Account Rollover FAQs

As more and more of your students create their rollover accounts, we want to make sure that you have all of the information you need to guide them through the process.  Here are the responses to the most frequent questions.  

What information will roll over?   

All information within the Common App tab:

           * Profile
           * Family
           * Education
           * Testing
           * Activities
           * Writing
           * Courses & Grades 

What information will not roll over?  

* Answers to college-specific questions
* Recommender invitations
* Forms submitted by recommenders
* Your Release Authorization and FERPA selection
* Responses to questions that have been changed or removed

My student submitted an application last year. Will I still be able to access it?

Submitted applications and recommendation forms are not saved. However, your student can still roll their account over if they would like to apply again. Your student can also change the account type from "First-Year" to "Transfer." 

A student wants to use the Common App to apply as a transfer student. Can the already-existing "First- Year" account be used to do so?

If your student applied through the Common App by creating a "First-Year" account, they can change their account to a Transfer account. Note that there are some differences between the First Year application and the Transfer application. Therefore, some of the responses from your First Year application will not be available in the Transfer account.

I am a counselor. Will my recommender forms roll over?

Recommender invitations, assignments, and forms will not roll over. However, recommender accounts will roll over. Once signed in, you will find your Profile information populated with responses from the previous year.