Optimizing the recommender experience in Common App for transfer

Jan 08, 2019

Optimizing the recommender experience in Common App for transfer


In all likelihood, you’ve been invited to provide a recommendation on behalf of a student because you’re a trusted individual in that person’s life. Whether you’re an educator, a mentor, a co-worker, or you have some other connection to that applicant, they’ve come to you because you are able to explain something unique about them that will help them provide a full picture of who they are in their college application.

The last thing an applicant wants is to feel like they’re burdening you with more work, especially if they’re applying to more than one school. However, having to submit multiple letters for multiple applicants can become daunting. That’s why we’re excited to introduce new recommendation re-use functionality for the Common App for transfer.

Based on feedback from our recommender community, we realized there was an opportunity to improve the recommender experience and make it easier for recommenders to support applicants applying to multiple institutions.

This new feature makes it easy for recommenders to repurpose their letters of recommendation for those applicants applying to multiple institutions within the Common App for transfer. We hope this new functionality helps you streamline some of the workflow associated with managing letters of recommendation.

As we continue to build out new functionality for the Common App for transfer experience, we will continue to evaluate feedback from our recommender community. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

Here’s how it works:

1. First, when an applicant initiates a recommender request in the Common App for transfer you will receive an email with instructions on how to log in and create your recommender account;

 Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 11.09.18 AM.png

2. Then, upon logging into the system you will be able to see the requests on your dashboard for each applicant, and you’ll see that the functionality to re-use a Recommendation is now available. 

image002 (1)_0_0.jpg

3. Once you fill out your initial letter of recommendation for an applicant and you are ready to “Preview & Submit” that letter you will be prompted an option to reuse that recommendation with any other pending LOR requests made to you by that same applicant. 


4. As the applicant submits more requests, your Recommendation will be used automatically or you have the option to stop reusing that Recommendation and write a new Recommendation for each of the applicant’s requests. You will receive a weekly summary email for any new Recommendations that are submitted on your behalf. 


5. At anytime, you can log in to the system to stop re-using your Recommendation or re-use again if you change your mind. 


6. If you have already created an account and submitted a letter of recommendation on behalf of a student, turning on the feature is easy. Simply log into the system, find the correct student, and click on the "Reuse Recommendation" icon.