5 Reasons Why High School Students Should Join Strive for College

Jan 09, 2018

5 Reasons Why High School Students Should Join Strive for College

The Common Application celebrates the power of mentoring all year through its partnership with Strive for College. Strive for College is a non-profit organization committed to making access to college fairer and available to students from every background. Strive brings free online mentoring to aspiring college students who need support during the entire college admission and financial aid application process.

Volunteer mentors are in college or have graduated from college with a degree. Strive has recruited them from hundreds of colleges and universities across the country. Mentors complete comprehensive training before they work with a student. Read more about why The Common App partnered with Strive. 

In 2016-2017, 170,000 Common App applicants who qualified for fee waivers asked to be connected with a Strive for College virtual mentor, and 11,426 applicants have signed up for a mentor since the partnership launched. In honor of January's National Mentoring Month, we invited Matt Rubinoff, Chief Strategy Officer at Strive for College, to write a guest post on the ways mentoring helps high school students.


Through mentoring, Strive for College is working to make college a reality for the more than half a million qualified high school students who never apply or enroll in college each year. Strive connects high school students with free one-on-one mentoring through an innovative technology platform. All Common App applicants who indicate the need for a fee waiver on their Common App profiles are invited to sign up for Strive. 

To get matched with a Strive mentor, a high school student simply needs to sign up, answer a few questions, and choose a mentor. Then they can access free resources to help with their college search and applications, as well as start communicating with their mentor through the site.

Five reasons why high school students should check out Strive:

#1 - Students Get Guidance From a Mentor

For many students, well-intending parents and over-extended school counselors can only help so much in the college process. For students looking for additional assistance in their pursuit of college, Strive provides one-on-one mentoring through the college application and financial aid process.

#2 - Students Gain Access to Helpful Tools 

Strive offers students a variety of tools including an interactive college planning curriculum comprised of videos and articles from college experts and education leaders as well as a task list builder which enables students and mentors to track deadlines for each college application.

#3 - Students Discover Their Best-Fit Colleges

Strive offers a college search tool designed to provide a student with a list of their best-fit colleges - schools that most closely match the student’s desired preferences. The tool predicts the likelihood of the student getting accepted based on their demographic and academic background, as well as the school’s past acceptance data. Strive’s College Partners also share important information about their campuses’ unique programs, support services, and financial aid opportunities. These insights help students target their efforts when applying.

#4 - Extra Support & Encouragement for First-Gen Students

Strive’s I’m First! project focuses on providing support and encouragement to first-generation college students. The website features video testimonials and blogs by first-gen college students and grads. 

#5 - Strivers Get to College!

Last year, 97% of Strivers went to college; 84% of these students went to a four-year institution and 91% applied for financial aid.

Find out more at striveforcollege.org.