College Transfer

Mar 31, 2015

College Transfer

Making a decision about which college to attend can be one of the most challenging and important decisions that you have faced in your young adult life. Sometimes, those decisions are easy and everything has clicked into place and you can’t imagine your life being any different than it is right now. For others, perhaps you could have made a different decision that would have felt better or been a better fit.  It is not uncommon for students to consider transferring to another school during the spring of their first year of college. Here are some things to consider as you plan for the upcoming fall.

  1. Make a case. Consider the reasons why you want to make a change. Has your major changed, have your interests changed, are you looking for something closer to home, or are you ready to make a move further from home?

  2. Make a plan. While your list of schools might be different the second time around, be thoughtful about what you like about your current college and what you hope will be different at the next school.

  3. Academics matter. Your high school grades were important when you applied to college the first time. Your college grades will be equally important as you apply to transfer to another college. Allowing your grades to slip as a mechanism to convince your parents you should transfer is not a good strategy.

  4. Seek out transfer friendly campuses. Some colleges welcome hundreds of transfer students each semester and value the contributions that they bring to campus. Many colleges and universities offer special admissions counselors, targeted recruitment days and information written specifically to assist you in the process of transferring.

  5. Consider financial ramifications. Your financial aid package and scholarship awards might be different as a transfer student then they were as a first year student.

  6. Don’t check out. Sometimes the grass is not greener somewhere else. While you are searching through your options, allow yourself to stay involved in your current campus. Continue to make friends, join clubs, engage with your professors. All of these activities will help you as you move forward.