Counselor Planning and Programming

Dec 10, 2014

Counselor Planning and Programming

This is an ideal time to begin planning your programs for next semester. Your sophomores and juniors (and their parents) will appreciate the opportunity to learn about colleges, the college admissions process, or any other topic that you pick for your school.

Here are the top 5 ideas for spring college counseling programs:

  1. College Rep Panel – Invite three or four college admissions representatives from schools that are popular with your students or schools that SHOULD be popular with your students. Admissions officers are often traveling in the spring to your town or region and with enough notice can fit you into their schedule.

  2. Financial Aid Presentation – You can never provide too much information about the financial aid process. Invite a local director of financial aid to your school to provide families with information about the financial aid and scholarship application process.

  3. Mock Admissions Committee – Invite parents and students to a session where they get to be the admissions committee. Armed with sample student applications (the pdf version of the Common App is perfect for this workshop) and documents, committees review applications, haggle about which students to admit and deny and come to a decision about which students to admit to their “college”. The workshop will give families insight into the process, help to take a little bit of the mystery out of it and are often a fun and informative evening program. By the way…one of your local colleges might already have the tools necessary to make this happen with little effort on your part.

  4. Athletic Recruitment Process – The NCAA athletic recruiting process can be confusing and overwhelming. By hosting an informational presentation led by a university NCAA Compliance Officer, you can offer an important service to your families. Information about Division I and Division II athletic recruitment will assist your students as they begin to navigate the process. And it can also work as a reality check for those who do not understand the intricacies of being a recruited athlete.

  5. Alumni Panel – Capitalizing on collegiate spring breaks, that often are not the same as high school spring breaks, invite a few of your recent alums back to speak about their college application process and their journey as college students. These new college students will be able to both relate to the situation that the current juniors find themselves in and also can look back on the process with an insightful perspective.