To our counseling community: thank you!

Feb 07, 2019

To our counseling community: thank you!

It’s National School Counseling Week, and we want to take this opportunity to say - thank you!

We know that the college application and admissions process can be a daunting one for all - not just students. And we want to ensure that our counseling community has the tools and resources it needs to guide students through this important time in their lives.

As you and your seniors await much-anticipated decisions from colleges and universities and your juniors start to seriously engage in the application process ahead of next year, we know that your work continues. Common App has lots of tools to help you and your students, no matter where you are in the process. Here are a few things that may help ease some of that burden.

  1. Financial aid. This is a critical part of the process that often contributes to a great deal of student anxiety, but there are resources available to help manage some of that burden. Financial aid comparison tools are available in the Common App, as well as tips for making sure your students have completed the FAFSA and applied for scholarships.
  2. Finishing strong. College applications might be submitted, but students may still need support as they complete their final year in high school. Help your students understand that although their college applications are already completed, they should maintain strong grades and avoid “senioritis.” You can share this information with them to help them figure out what to expect next.
  3. Common App Ready. As you transition to working with juniors and their families, take advantage of Common App Ready tools and resources to help you plan your junior workshops. Tell us what you think - which resources are useful? What more would you like to see? While it’s fresh in your mind, let us know what more we can do to provide reliable, informative resources to better support you.
  4. Remind students of Account RolloverThis feature is designed to help everyone who is a part of the college process - from students to counselors - learn about the Common App and explore the application when it makes sense for them. Students can begin answering questions in the seven sections of the Common App tab and this information will be available each year. 
  5. Celebrate! Before you know it, many of your students will receive acceptance letters. Take time to celebrate with them! Host a College Signing Day event at your school - if you do, be sure to capture all the special moments and share them on social media using the hashtags #CollegeSigningDay and #BetterMakeRoom!

Your students’ successes are your successes too! We hope you’ll take some time to take stock of all you’ve achieved on behalf of your students to truly celebrate an incredible milestone.

Happy National School Counseling Week! We hope you know how much we appreciate all you do.