Peer-to-Peer Influence in College Admissions: Apply with a little help from your friends and pizza.

Mar 25, 2019

Peer-to-Peer Influence in College Admissions: Apply with a little help from your friends and pizza.

There are so many important people who play a role in helping students navigate the college exploration and application experience, including teachers, counselors, parents, mentors, and more.

The process itself can be daunting, it helps for many students to know that their peers are in the same boat. While the effects of peer influence on college selection has been documented in recent years, there are few resources for fostering these kinds of peer-to-peer connections in the college planning process.

Recently, Common App joined forces with ACT Center for Equity in Learning, whose mission is to help underserved students achieve education and career success, and Students Rising Above, a nonprofit that invests in first-generation college students from low-income communities, to host #PeersandPizza - a Twitter chat designed to gather ideas around creating a peer-oriented culture in the college application process.

The Twitter chat brought together a host of unique, creative ideas to help students understand how to take advantage of their community of friends, family, and supporters. During a lively discussion on March 14, organizations including NACAC, PeerForward, Get Schooled, NISTS, Phi Theta Kappa, and more joined in to offer creative ways to keep students motivated.

Participants in the chat learned about the value of near-peer support, and how to find organizations and resources designed for supporting peer connections in the college admission process.

Some of the advice offered, included:

  1. Creating tailored guides designed to meet the needs of transfer students throughout the application process;
  2. Finding creative activities and gatherings designed to keep students motivated about college, including milestone celebrations, tapping into alumni networks;
  3. And, of course, hosting pizza parties to keep each other motivated and focused.

We look forward to engaging in more of these important conversations with our partners and friends to ensure students receive the support they deserve.