Questions about Planning for College? Virtual Counselor Has Your Expert Answers.

Mar 02, 2016

Questions about Planning for College? Virtual Counselor Has Your Expert Answers.

Students can create a Common Application account now to explore the many college options and opportunities available to them. Common App accounts made will roll over to 2016-2017 and beyond. 

We know that school counselors play a critical role in guiding and encouraging their students throughout high school – from recommending course selection and extracurricular activities to helping them apply to college and for financial aid. 

Unfortunately, many states have twice the proposed number of students to counselors, and budget cuts have made the situation worse. The Common Application recently expanded its tools and tips available to students through The Virtual Counselor, a content library filled with thoughtful college-related advice for students and parents –making trustworthy counseling resources more accessible. There are articles and videos by school counselors, teachers, admission officers, and college educators covering topics including:

* Finding your fit when you search for colleges  

* Prepping for the SAT/ACT

* Requesting letters of recommendation 

* Starting your essay, choosing your essay prompt

* Paying for college

* Advice for first generation students

* Tips for international students

Another tool, designed specifically to meet the needs of high school counselors, is Common App Ready. This powerful, flexible advising aid assists counselors as they introduce students and their families to the college preparation and application processes and may be tailored for individual requirements. 

Once students have their Common App accounts, they can download Common App onTrack, a free mobile app developed directly from student feedback. Common App onTrack is a mobile companion to a student's Common Application account used to keep track of application progress and stay ahead of deadlines by displaying each submission status, sending helpful notifications, and allowing the student to customize lists of reminders and tasks.