Resources for Hosting Application Workshops

Nov 08, 2016

Resources for Hosting Application Workshops

As you're planning application workshops during National College Application Month and beyond, remember the Common App is your resource hub. A ton of free tools designed just for you.

If you haven't already, bookmark so you have access to the latest presentations, videos, and printer-friendly documents. The Common App Ready series of ready-to-use resources and guides, about all aspects of the Common App, continues to expand with more multi-media materials, helpful handouts, and training tools. 

Think of it as your living library

On-Demand Guidance 

* A full playlist of videos for every section of the application, from account creation through submission. 

* Multi-media materials for getting started: Common App video tour and quick guides. 

Understanding Recommendations 

* Tools for students on topics such as managing recommender forms and completing the FERPA.

* Various presentations, one-sheets, and videos to fit your needs. 

As always, we're here for you during this busy time. Schedule a call, chat with us online, or email

We're honored to support your wonderful work and celebrate all that you do for your students and their families.