Writing Requirements Resource Upgraded with Search Feature

Oct 10, 2018

Writing Requirements Resource Upgraded with Search Feature

Happy College Application Month! The Common App is here to help you and your students during this busy season. That's why we upgraded the popular Writing Requirements resource that shows the various writing requirements of our more than 800 member colleges and universities. Now, you can easily search for a specific college in real time to understand required and optional writing questions and supplements for that college's First Year application. 

Students and those who support them can access the Writing Requirements resource from the homepage of the Applicant Solutions Center. You'll find the "Writing Requirements" tab on the far right under the top Search bar. You'll be able to quickly search for the college, and when you click on its link, you'll see the following information for First Year applicants:

* All required and optional long-answer questions

* All required and optional questions that request a document upload

* The location of these questions (College-Specific Questions or Writing Supplement)

* Minimum and maximum word counts for each question

The listing does not include conditionally required writing questions, such as those triggered by an applicant’s choice of academic program. For that reason, the “My Colleges” tab of your student's Common App account remains the definitive record of each institution’s requirements. The Common App updates each college’s unique FAQ on a weekly basis to reflect any changes within the “My Colleges” section.

Always seeking ways to enhance Common App's service, we launched this tool last year for counselors looking to learn more about writing requirements across our member colleges, as well as students working to budget their application planning time. 

Extra Credit: We invite counselors, advisors, and anyone else who would like to see the First Year applicant experience to create a practice account (select "Educational Professional" or "Parent or Other Adult").