Common App is pleased to partner with PowerSchool, the leading provider of cloud-based education software, to serve the wide range of counselors, advisors, teachers, and educators who support students through the college application process. Together, Common App and PowerSchool will deliver key system enhancements for the K-12 to college education market through Naviance by PowerSchool. 

Beginning with 2021-2022 applications, Naviance’s integration with Common App will move to a simplified one-and-done workflow. Going forward, this allows for only one submission per form type, including school reports, counselor recommendations, fee waivers, the optional and mid-year reports, and teacher evaluations. After submission, these forms will be made available to all colleges to which a student has applied or subsequently applies.

The Common App and Naviance integration helps remove barriers to applying to college by simplifying the experience. Kent H. Jones, Co-Director of College Counseling at Emma Willard School in New York, says, “It’s such a relief that we can upload forms once and trust that they will go to any Common App member college.” He adds that this integration ensures that supporting documents get sent to colleges, as well. “It’s reassuring to students to know that our supporting documents and teacher recommendations are waiting in the Common App system and will be automatically sent to colleges with their application whenever they submit,” he explains. 

Counselors can better support students throughout the process, too, according to Jones. “It is also a tremendous help to counselors in reassuring students who receive missing item notifications that we know when documents were submitted and received by colleges,” he says. 

Common App’s integration platform enables third-party solutions, like Naviance, to work seamlessly with our free online college application, which serves more than one million students worldwide when applying to over 900 member colleges and universities that use Common App. By providing a flexible and extensible integration service, we can help an even greater number of school counselors to scale their support for students as they navigate the college application process.

For more than ten years, Common App and Naviance have partnered to improve the college application process for millions of students and counselors. We continue this partnership with the additional support of PowerSchool. Together, we provide solutions that carefully consider the needs of all counselors and their students.