Today, Common App announced the launch of its first-ever student advisory committee. The committee will provide an important perspective in the college admission process: the student’s. The goal of the committee is to gain critical feedback on the experience of using Common App and the college application process. 

The committee consists of 18 students who meet monthly with the Common App team to collaborate and provide feedback on the college admission process. The Student Advisory Committee will bring students directly to the table and discuss all of our ongoing projects and to continue our efforts in expanding access, equity and integrity in the college admissions process. This diverse group represents a variety of underserved students, including first generation, low-income, underrepresented minorities and more. Students on the committee are either high school juniors, seniors, post secondary first-year, or post secondary second year. 

“I joined the Student Advisory Committee because I believe that students deserve to have an active role in organizations that directly impact them,” said Corinna Rivera, one of the founding members of the Student Advisory Committee. “As a member of this committee, I hope to help improve the college admissions process by identifying new and creative ways to support students.”

“Common App’s superpower has always been to listen to the needs of the communities it serves and collaborate with them. We are so excited to amplify the student voice in our work,” said Jenny Rickard, President and CEO of Common App. “We are thrilled to welcome these 18 students to our inaugural Student Advisory Committee!”