Financial aid is complicated

By Jameia Tennie
April 11, 2024
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Financial aid is complicated this year, so Common App and uAspire joined forces to live-stream a walk-through of the FAFSA process.  

Some of the topics covered in this walk-through:

  • What is FAFSA
  • Who is eligible to complete the FAFSA
  • Creating a FSA ID
  • Steps to take before completing the FAFSA
  • Dependency status
  • In terms of FAFSA, who is considered a parent
  • Student finances
  • Adding schools to the FAFSA
  • What parent information is required
  • What investments must be reported
  • The FAFSA submission summary
  • Known FAFSA processing issues

Further financial aid information is available on Common App’s Paying for college page. Additionally, has many resources to help you through your financial aid journey.

If you have additional questions after watching the walk-through, contact They’ll do their best to help you with your questions. 

You can access the PDF version of this presentation here. The PDF provides a bit more detail than the live stream.

Common App and uAspire will team up for two additional YouTube livestreams on @CommonAppMedia. Mark your calendars.

Financial Aid Offer Review

The Financial Aid Offer walkthrough provides students and families with critical information to interpret their financial aid offers. uAspire advisors will share key details about the different types of financial aid, best practices for reviewing and comparing financial aid offers, and the essential next steps to take after determining how much each college will cost. We also provide opportunities for Q&A and follow-up support.

Wednesday, April 17, 6 pm ET

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Affording College 101

The Affording College 101 (AC 101) walkthrough will help students and families understand the basics of financial aid and college affordability. It will start with the cost of attendance and the different kinds of financial aid, along with an overview of the college affordability timeline. This walkthrough also goes into a bit more detail about uAspire’s College Cost Calculator and how to understand and pay your bill. We will also provide opportunities for Q&A and follow-up support.

Wednesday, May 15, 6 pm ET

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The stream team

Erin Krull is a Project Coordinator on the Customized Support Team at uAspire. In this role, she assists with uAspire’s college affordability webinars and in-person presentations, helping educate a range of audiences on the financial aid process and how to navigate different financial aid pathways.

Nick Raymond is a project-based Advisor for uAspire. Nick supports students and families through financial aid and provides them with the necessary tools and resources to make informed decisions. 

Jameia Tennie joined the Common App/Reach Higher team in 2022, bringing nearly ten years of experience in admissions and enrollment management. She serves as Director, Student Engagement Programs, leading the team that facilitates various programming and nudging initiatives to increase student engagement in the post-secondary admissions process. Jameia is a proud two-time HBCU graduate. It is her greatest joy to see students fulfill their goals and dreams through the pursuit of post-secondary education.

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