College-specific school discipline questions

As of August 1, 2021, Common App has removed questions about school discipline from both the shared portion of the application and also the school forms that counselors complete.

As we explained when we made that announcement, Common App member colleges may still choose to ask students about school discipline in their supplemental questions. For the 2021-2022 application year, fewer than 40% of our more than 900 members will ask such a question.

To help counselors advise their students and understand how individual questions intersect with school reporting policies, we are creating a resource that lists which members ask first-year applicants to report disciplinary infractions. We will also include the name of the section where colleges have chosen to place the question (e.g. Writing, Other information, etc.). Students and counselors can use this resource to find the precise text of the question in one of several ways:

We hope this resource assists you in advising your students, and we welcome your feedback at