There is no one Hamilton student just as there is no one Hamilton experience, but the promise we make to all our students is the same: At Hamilton, you can study what interests you, be accepted for who you are and what you believe, learn to communicate effectively, and prepare to be the person you were meant to become. We are also committed to ensuring that a Hamilton education is available to all deserving students, regardless of their financial background.

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Student experience

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  • LGBTQIA Services
  • On-Campus Housing
  • Study Abroad
  • Undergraduate Research

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Our goal is to admit students who will contribute to the Hamilton community in meaningful ways. Although the primary criteria for admission are academic achievement and intellectual potential, we also value leadership, a commitment to school or community activities, and sustained work experiences or family responsibilities. In forming the class, the admission staff seeks students representing diverse geographic, economic and ethnic backgrounds whose perspectives will enrich our community. Lastly, Hamilton seeks to admit candidates who are a good fit with the experience the College offers.


There are many reasons students are transfer candidates—sometimes financial, sometimes academic, sometimes they have refocused their interests and educational path. Regardless of the reason, transfer students are welcomed into the Hamilton community for their the unique perspective and the appreciation they have for their education. Hamilton typically seeks to enroll about 10-20 transfer students in the fall and another 5-10 transfer students in the spring. Occasionally, we are over or undersubscribed with our first-year class enrollment and will adjust these targets accordingly.

Additional Information

Hamilton has a well-earned reputation as a “school of opportunity” and is need-blind in its admission decisions for first-year applicants who are U.S. citizens. All of Hamilton’s financial aid is based on demonstrated financial need, which is determined by calculating the difference between the expected family contribution and the cost of attendance. If you qualify for financial assistance and are admitted to Hamilton, we will meet your full demonstrated financial need for all four years. Finally, please know that we are committed to ensuring that your Hamilton education is affordable and worthy of your investment.

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You can learn a great deal about Hamilton by exploring our website or reading our publications, but there’s no substitute for visiting our magnificent hilltop campus. If you can’t make it to campus, consider the next best thing, attending one of our many virtual offerings, including online information sessions and student-led Tours From Your Sofa.

Just remember, if this was easy, everybody would do it.

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