Hampshire College in Amherst, Mass., is among the most innovative colleges in the country, requiring students to pursue their passions by designing their own programs of study and recruiting a faculty committee to guide them on a rigorous path of intellectual discovery. Through active, engaged learning students become creators of knowledge and are encouraged to make connections between their academic work and the wider world. The mission of Hampshire College is to foster a lifelong passion for learning, inquiry, and ethical citizenship that inspires students to contribute to knowledge, justice, and positive change in the world and, by doing so, to transform higher education.

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To be eligible to apply as a first-year student you must have received, or be on track to receive, a high school diploma or high school equivalency and must be 17 years of age or older at the time of enrollment. College coursework completed during high school often counts towards advanced standing and possibly an accelerated timeline towards graduation. If you have completed more than 15 transferable college credits, you are eligible to apply as a transfer student.


To be considered eligible to apply as a transfer student, you must have completed at least 15 college credits with a grade of C or better. These courses cannot have been recorded for credit on your high school diploma. Hampshire College accepts transfer credits for courses taken at a regionally accredited college or university if the courses are comparable in content, nature, and intensity to courses offered at Hampshire College. The minimum residency requirement for graduation is three semesters, regardless of how many credits are transferable.

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Hampshire College is a member of the Five College Consortium: The Five College Consortium (Amherst, Smith and Mt. Holyoke Colleges, and the University of Massachusetts), brings together the area's 30,000 students in a dynamic community. Students benefit from a wide selection of faculty and courses; shared use of educational and cultural resources and facilities, including a joint automated library system; joint departments and programs; and convenient, fare-free transportation between campuses.

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The Admissions Office is located on the first floor of the R.W. Kern Center. To learn more about tours, information sessions and interviews visit our website at visit.hampshire.edu.
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