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Application information

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Applicants should present strong high school academic credentials. A college preparatory curriculum is expected — three units each of college preparatory mathematics and science are required, four years are highly recommended. Art, architectural or technical drawing courses are highly recommended for applicants to Landscape Architecture. Advanced coursework at the honors or college level is highly recommended.

First Year applicant may choose from 3 application pathways: Early Decision First-Year (binding), Regular First-Year and Guaranteed Transfer.  Details on each pathway are available at


Transfer student admissibility is based primarily on academic performance in college coursework completed and the applicability of that coursework to the requirements of their intended ESF program of study. Consideration is also given to the relationship of the student's prior academic discipline to the intended program of study. For most ESF programs, emphasis is placed on the student's background in mathematics and science. Landscape Architecture applicants should have some background in art or graphic design, and they are required to submit a portfolio (Information on portfolio preparation).

Additional Information

Financial aid at ESF is intended to assist students with education and essential cost-of-living expenses.  Funds are awarded primarily on the basis of financial need and are coordinated to supplement parental support, student employment earnings, savings, and assistance from other sources.  Some scholarships and fellowships are awarded based on additional criteria, such as academic achievement or minority student status. 

The College offers these basic forms of student financial assistance: scholarships or grants; part-time employment; educational loans; diversity student scholarships and fellowships; a deferred tuition payment plan; and sources of non-need loans to students and parents.

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The college search process is never easy. Combine it with the ever-changing world we now live in and you will certainly have questions about your college choices. Here at ESF we have resources available to help you make your decision to apply. We offer a variety of ways you can learn more about ESF, either in-person or virtually.  We hope you will participate in many of these events to have an opportunity to interact with the faculty, staff and students who will welcome and support you as a student at ESF.

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