Your path to college

If you’re looking at Common App, you’re already on your way — no matter where you are in the process. Choose your current grade below to see how you can stay on track.

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Middle school

Right now, your focus is on learning. You’re learning about your subjects in school and also about yourself. If your plan is to go to college, all that learning will help you get there.

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9th grade

This is an exciting year of new beginnings. It’s a turning point in your studies and your social life. It’s also a chance to explore new classes, activities, and opportunities available to you.

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10th grade

Last year, you started looking at opportunities and exploring different interests. Now it’s time to develop your strengths and skills.

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11th grade

This is the year college changes from a distant concept looming in your future to an actual reality to prepare for today.

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12th grade

You made it. You should feel proud of reaching this point! There’s still critical work to be done before graduation, so it’s important to stay focused.

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Community college

Enrolling at a two-year college is a great step toward reaching your educational goals. Learn how to take the next important step toward earning a bachelor's degree at a four-year institution.

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Military-connected students

When you decide the time is right to continue your postsecondary education, we want to make sure your experience shines through in your college applications.

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