Art Academy of Cincinnati

Art Academy of Cincinnati

At the Art Academy of Cincinnati, we are the new generation of boundary-breakers. The imaginative radicals who are changing the face of art as we know it. The creative entrepreneurs who are redefining culture. The luminous visionaries who are creating a newer, brighter, more radiant world.

The art of the future embraces change and points towards hope. It's about rebellion and self-discovery and it makes a difference.

The art and design of the future starts here. It starts with you.

Make Art, Make a Difference

Your experience at the Art Academy of Cincinnati is all about discovering your brightest, most vibrant self. It's about finding your artistic voice and making it resonate. As a part of our collective of rule-breaking makers, you'll be challenged to take bold risks. To explore media you never dreamed of and invent art forms no one has yet imagined.

In our active, hands-on classrooms, you'll work side by side with faculty who are not only your mentors, but your peers, collaborators, and greatest supporters. Our major-fluid programs give you the freedom to experiment and explore across disciplines and the power to customize your education so it fits your vision.  

The +B program will provide the professional development support you need to shape a career that fits your vision. Through internships at top area galleries, museums, and design firms, you'll learn what it takes to connect and collaborate with our city's most celebrated creative innovators.
Visit the Art Academy during an Open House and see how making art, makes a difference!

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