Bay Path University

Bay Path University

A Bay Path University education empowers undergraduate women and graduate women and men to become leaders in their careers and communities with an innovative approach to learning that prepares students to flourish in a constantly changing world. Our programs are offered both on campus and online, providing a flexible, 21st-century education. Students find a supportive and diverse community, close mentoring, and rigorous preparation for success in a complex and globally interdependent society. Students graduate with the applied knowledge, portable skillset, and confidence to thrive in their professions, identify and realize their dreams, and make a lasting difference in the world.

WELL Program

Our Women as Empowered Learners and Leaders (WELL) program is found only at Bay Path University. WELL is built into the curriculum and campus life, ensuring that every student’s academic education is enhanced by a journey of self-discovery. WELL experiences help you articulate your goals in life and give you the confidence, skills and knowledge to achieve those goals successfully. Discover how you can advance – not only yourself, but also others – by embracing the strengths of women’s leadership and becoming more collaborative, creative and empathetic. 

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