Bellarmine University

Bellarmine University

Bellarmine University is an independent liberal arts university, founded in 1950 by the Catholic Archdiocese of Louisville, Kentucky. Finding inspiration in the life of the internationally renowned monk, Thomas Merton, our campus community embraces the care and dignity of each individual and the quest for holiness/wholeness. In this spirit we strive for international unity and diversity, hospitality, social justice and global sustainability. In our constant searching, we seek to honor Bellarmine's founding motto: In Veritatis Amore - in the love of truth.

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Bellarmine captures your imagination. It may be the nicest college campus you visit, and we don’t just mean the beautiful buildings. The community will embrace you. The faculty will inspire you. The staff will engage you and mentor you. You’ll make lifelong friends who will care about you and help you make your dreams come true.

And when you graduate in four years—a Bellarmine Guarantee— your degree is your key to a great future. That’s because Bellarmine students learn to think deeply, solve problems and become tomorrow’s leaders. Bellarmine prepares students for today’s jobs. And tomorrow’s jobs. And the jobs that haven’t been thought of yet. Even better, a Bellarmine investment pays off fast.

And it's more affordable than you might think. Every student receives merit-based scholarships and financial aid, so your actual price tag is similar to the big state universities.

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