Guilford College

Guilford College

Established in 1837, Guilford College is a liberal arts school in Greensboro, N.C., providing students with the skills, experiences and perspectives they need to create change in the world. With an average class size of 14, our 1,200 students thrive in a vibrant, student-centered environment where they explore 40-plus majors and 50-plus minors. "Colleges That Change Lives" calls Guilford a “stimulating place where teachers care, where they expect a lot, and where they provide encouragement as well as the challenge to get young people to do things they had no idea they could do."

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Excel: Guilford College is dedicated to offering students a challenging and enriching academic journey. We provide eye-opening experiences through team-based, hands-on learning focused on what matters to you. We offer innovative classroom technology, access to research, life-changing service opportunities and unforgettable study abroad experiences — all while offering one-on-one personal attention. And we prepare you for success by sharpening your writing, listening and speaking skills and helping you land career-building internships in the U.S. and abroad.
Learn Well, Live Well: Exciting new majors like Cyber and Network Security, Experience Design, Public Health and Sustainable Food Systems will set you on the path to changing the world. And we're expanding our vibrant college community by renovating residence halls, adding an apartment complex, expanding our Art building and building a 1,100-square-foot student lounge!
Explore: Our 350 acres are a green oasis in the middle of a bustling city brimming with festivals, culture and restaurants. Explore our meadows, lake and woods filled with trees more than 300 years old. Get your hands dirty by volunteering at the Campus Farm, which produces 10,000 pounds of food a year. Sneak a quick bite fresh from the field — or fill your plate with farm-fresh produce in the dining hall.
The best way to experience Guilford? Come see it for yourself! Register for a personalized visit or for an Open House at You'll tour the campus, meet students and faculty, learn about available financial aid and chat with counselors. We can't wait to meet you!

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