Hampden-Sydney College

Hampden-Sydney College

The Hampden-Sydney experience will develop every aspect of your life—the intellectual certainly, but also the physical, social, moral, and spiritual.  Here you will also find a brotherhood.  Many of your most important experiences at Hampden-Sydney will be with your fellow students—special moments that will help you discover your calling, become a leader, and make life-long friends.  Our results speak to the values we develop of dedication, perseverance, and personal accountability.  94% of our graduates earn their degrees in four years and earn a median starting salary close to $50,000.

Worth Every Penny

Hampden-Sydney College brings more than two centuries of experience to understanding how men learn best.  Our students choose H-SC because they recognize the many benefits of a traditional liberal arts education.  Balancing academic rigor and intellectual inquiry with an easy-going community spirit, we encourage open discussion, healthy debate, and a respect for different points of view.  We challenge our students to challenge themselves, to forge their own unique paths while drawing inspiration from the generations who have gone before them here.

What does all that mean for the everyday life of a Hampden-Sydney Man?  It means that you are encouraged to be smart, to grow confident about expressing your ideas, to step up and assume leadership roles, to take risks in the classroom.  It means you examine your beliefs and consider new perspectives.  It means you explore all of your interests--from economics, to English literature, to fine arts.  It means you make friends for a lifetime from a student body of diverse backgrounds.  It means you graduate with maturity and self-awareness, ready to build a life of meaning and commitment.

Our commitment to the education of young men results in better learning, stronger character, richer community, and more confident men.  Fostering learning, growth, and maturity, we welcome students and we graduate “good men and good citizens,” men who are prepared to meet the challenges and embrace the opportunities that await outside our Gates.

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