Lafayette College

Lafayette College

Cur Non is our rally cry at Lafayette College. The motto for the Marquis de Lafayette, our namesake, Cur Non means Why Not. Why not have the courage to take risks? Why not engage in every aspect of learning? Why not use your intellect, energy and talent to find your place in the world? Cur Non means anything is possible at Lafayette. We are a liberal arts and engineering college, dedicated to undergraduates who want hands-on experience to address real-world issues across interdisciplinary teams. If you want to learn skill sets, ask why. If you want to develop a mindset, ask why not.

Here are some quick hits about us:

Founded in 1826 by citizens of Easton and named for the Marquis de Lafayette in honor of his “talents, virtues, and services in the great cause of freedom.”

  • 2490 undergraduates from 46 states and territories and 52 countries
  • 53 percent men and 47 percent women
  • 10.5-to-1 student to faculty ratio
  • $450,000 is spent annually for EXCEL Scholars to work with faculty on research projects
  • 83 percent of students by their senior year have participated in an externship, internship or other field experience.
  • 95 percent of grads are employed, continuing their education, or in internships or volunteer work within six months of graduation
  • 40 percent of graduates found their jobs through campus recruiting and our alumni network.
  • 24 Arts, Communication and Performance Groups
  • 43 Cultural, Social and Service Organizations
  • 26 Community Outreach Programs
  • 23 NCAA Division I sports
  • 10 teams earned academic performance recognitions, second only to the Ivy League
  • 14th in the nation for student-athlete graduation success (97 percent)
  • 50 Club Sports and Intermural Programs
  • 70 miles west of New York City, 60 miles north of Philadelphia, and 50 miles west of the Jersey shore beaches

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