The Ohio State University

The Ohio State University

How will you make your mark? More importantly: Where’s the best environment to get started? The Ohio State University has the breadth and depth to take you wherever your goals lead, an environment rich in experiences and unexpected opportunities. You’ll be in contact with world-class faculty, studying in world-class facilities, living in a smart and thriving city. Ohio State grads who’ve made their mark say it’s because they went to Ohio State.

Will It Be You?

Ohio State's academic environment is designed to allow you to explore your interests, connect to the world and prepare for success. It's rigorous but supportive. Advisors help you navigate a university offering over 200 majors and hundreds of specializations -- even opportunities to create your own major. That’s what helps you discover “it,” your fit -- a future that can be yours alone.

To visit:  Schedule an Admissions Overview and Tour at (Can’t wait for a visit? Tour campus virtually at While you're here, make plans to explore Columbus. The Ohio State campus is located near downtown Columbus, acting as a catalyst for the cultural and entrepreneurial vitality the city is known for. 

To apply: Apply by November 1 for early action benefits. Learn what makes up a complete application at

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