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Ripon College

An intense engagement with and concern for academic, artistic, and personal development of students have defined Ripon since its founding on the Wisconsin frontier and will always be enduring characteristics of the college. Vigorous and healthy growth will place Ripon in a distinctive class of intentionally sized, intellectually vibrant, and civic-minded colleges. Ripon will attract students of excellent character, great potential and high quality. Ripon will interact conscientiously with the local community and will extend its reach to the nation and the world at large.

We've Flipped Gen Ed On Its Head

Like no other curriculum, Ripon College’s five-course Catalyst curriculum rigorously develops the 21st-century skills that employers seek while streamlining the path to graduation. There is no need to spend two years taking general education requirements at Ripon.  With only five required courses and the freedom for the student to choose over half of the courses required to graduate, Catalyst ensures students are able to complete multiple majors and minors, study abroad and hold internships in four years. Students enjoy extensive freedom to pursue their passions and craft their own academic program of study.

Catalyst consists of five seminars, two in the first year, two in the sophomore year, and the applied innovation seminar in the junior year. The first four seminars are designed to develop the essential skills students need to work collaboratively and independently in the junior seminar, in which they will work in teams mentored by faculty members as they develop and present proposed solutions to large, open-ended questions. The seminars also provide grounding in some basic college-level academic skills and expose students to a range of disciplinary approaches. Graduates who complete the

Catalyst curriculum earn a Concentration in Applied Innovation, which documents on the transcript that a graduate has mastered the skills of oral communication, writing, critical thinking, collaboration, quantitative reasoning, information literacy, integration and intercultural competence.

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