Southern California Institute of Architecture

Southern California Institute of Architecture

SCI-Arc is a world-renowned center of innovation and one of the nation's few independent architecture schools, offering a Bachelor of Architecture. We are dedicated to educating architects who will imagine and shape the future.

The school is located in the Arts District of Los Angeles. It is distinguished by the vibrant atmosphere of its studios, which provides students with a uniquely inspiring environment in which to study architecture and design.

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SCI-Arc is where architects become mad scientists. It is where art, science, and industry converge and new futures unfold. At SCI-Arc we forecast the migrations of culture. We stare down complex technologies and command them to do our bidding. We are agile and street smart. Where others drown in the complex flows of urban life, we thrive and choreograph its movements. We are prophets of beauty, broadcasters of ideas, and tellers of stories. We are builders, leaders, and dreamers.

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