Sterling College

Sterling College

Sterling College is a private, environmental college focused on the human relationship with the natural world and a place where what you do every day really matters. 

Because we know that the most critical issues of our time involve our climate, soil, water, food, energy, and wilderness, Sterling offers environmentally focused bachelor’s degrees in only five areas: Ecology, Environmental Humanities, Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Food Systems, and Outdoor Education--or a program you design yourself--to equip you for a life and career that lives up to your values.

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Mission: Environmental Stewardship is the foundation of Sterling's educational mission. Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to the study of environmental issues, and also prepare to engage deeply in the practice of environmental stewardship while living and working on our Vermont campus.

Affordability: College costs across the nation have increased dramatically in recent years, leading to an affordability crisis in higher education. Sterling is committed to minimizing student loan debt for all students. Students who live on campus must participate in the Sterling Work Program, earning wages from campus work to help offset tuition expenses.

Visit: Tour our campus and join us for a farm-fresh meal in the dining hall! Schedule your individual visit at or join us for an Open House. Students who enroll after visiting campus are reimbursed for up to $500 in travel costs.

Food System: Students and Faculty work together on the Sterling Farm to grow approximately 30% of the food served in the campus dining hall. We can accommodate most special diets, and The Real Food Challenge has named Sterling #1 in the Nation for Real Food for three consecutive years.

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