University of Southern Maine

University of Southern Maine

The University of Southern Maine (USM) is a multi-campus, public university located in the state’s largest metropolitan hubs with three distinct campuses in Portland, Gorham, and Lewiston. USM offers a robust selection of on-campus and online courses and degree programs in liberal arts; STEM disciplines including a new cyber security lab; business; and visual and performing arts; as well as an exceptional Honors Program. With an already low public tuition, more than 85% of full-time USM students receive financial aid.

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At the University of Southern Maine (USM), students employ what they learn in the classroom from inspiring professors and fellow students and bring it straight into the real world. Through active and service learning, USM is committed to community engagement both for the benefit of our students and the world around us, and our prime locations in two of the state's largest economic and cultural areas means that we can have a huge impact on the present and future of Maine as a whole. In the academic year of 2016-17, approximately 1,800 students completed academic for-credit internship experiences, completing a total of 198,140 hours with over 300 area employers and non-profit organizations.

USM is a major educational engine in the overall growth and development of the Central and Southern Maine regions, and evidence that especially in a small state, motivated people can make a big difference. USM's vast network of alumni, private and public community partners, expert faculty members, and broad program offerings provide valuable and deep connections throughout the state of Maine. Serving as a center for discovery, scholarship, and creativity, the University of Southern Maine embraces academic freedom for students, faculty members, and staff members; advocates diversity; and supports sustainable development, environmental stewardship, and community involvement.

USM’s faculty members include Fulbright and Guggenheim Fellows, advisors to state and local government, and acclaimed authors. USM students bring curiosity, a strong work ethic, intelligence, and a desire to succeed.

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