Whittier College

Whittier College

Whittier College is a four-year residential liberal arts and sciences college that pushes students to question the world around them and figure out their place in it. Located in the heart of Southern California between bustling Los Angeles and beautiful Orange County, Whittier is distinguished by its small size, pioneering faculty, and nationally recognized curriculum. Facilities rival those at large public institutions, but ours is an intimate setting where students and professors unite in an ongoing pursuit of knowledge.

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The value of a Whittier College education lies in Whittier's core mission: to prepare students from diverse backgrounds for success in a complex global society. Whittier's approach to education - intimate classes, personal attention, and a focus on helping students understand connections across subjects and disciplines - produces graduates with skills that are highly valued by employers and graduate schools alike.

  • More than 85% of Whittier students receive some type of aid from the College. 
  • All students who apply for admission are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships. No additional applications are necessary.
  • Whittier College is consistently ranked as one of the Most Diverse Liberal Arts Colleges in America.
  • With a low faculty-to-student ratio, Whittier students receive the one-on-one attention that helps them stay focused and on-track. 
  • No impacted majors or programs. Students can choose their major freely without the stress of competing for a spot.
  • Global Poet Scholarships, guarantee all incoming students with scholarship funding towards study abroad travel.  
  • A recognized legacy. Employers and graduate schools know what the Whittier name stands for and hire or admit accordingly. In fact, Whittier College is in the top 5% nationally for its acceptance rate to graduate schools in the life sciences.

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