How to Transfer

How to Transfer


Whether you are graduating from a two-year college or seeking to switch to another four-year college, transferring between institutions can be an important step on your path to success.

Make a Plan

You can find transfer advisors at two-year colleges and also in the admission offices of the colleges you're considering for transfer. These educators can help you make a plan for transferring.

Understand Credit Transfer

Transferring academic credit from one institution to another can be a complex process. Make sure you understand the process and know the right questions to ask.

Explore Financial Assistance

Each college will have its own financial aid requirements, so make sure you connect with a financial aid offer. You can also check out our How To Pay for College page for additional resources.

How to Apply

We'll take you step-by-step through the process - beginning to end - from creating an account to starting your application, so you feel fully prepared to apply.  Start your transfer application today!