Norwich University

Norwich University

Norwich University has been educating leaders since 1819, and is the oldest, private military college in the nation. Recognized as the birthplace of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps, Norwich educates both military and civilian students with a desire to lead. With 30-plus academic programs, Norwich graduates lead in the military, public and private life.

Is Norwich Right for You?

Norwich University’s campus environment offers not only hands-on experiences inside and outside our small class sizes, but a beautiful mountain backdrop to a prestigious education. Students enjoy a rural setting complete with hiking and mountain biking trails during the summer and fall, as well as snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing during the wintertime.

Our students are active learners, driven to succeed and aspiring leaders of tomorrow. When students are not working on projects, gaining real-world experience outside the classroom, or working one-on-one with professionals in the field, they are volunteering in their community and making a difference in the world.

Norwich’s unique campus culture makes for an experience like no other. Students choose from either a 24/7 military or civilian lifestyle. This combination results in an atmosphere that is directly reflective of today’s world. Whether students pursue a military career or one in the private sector, their interactions with a wide variety of people and backgrounds make them highly sought after candidates.

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