Seniors – here are five tips to help you navigate the college admissions process:

  1. First and second semester senior year grades count – and have an impact on scholarships. So don’t stop your excellence – even if all of your applications are submitted or you’ve been accepted early.                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  2. It’s not too late. Many colleges are still accepting applications including quite a few state universities – and some private colleges have deadlines as late as July 1.
  3. It’s time to apply for financial aid. That means completing the FAFSA and the CSS Profile for many colleges, along with state based financial aid program apps.
  4. Placement tests are here. If you’re attending public universities – check for placement tests. Many states require these tests before enrolling.
  5. Scholarships. Scholarships. Scholarships. Please, please, please apply for scholarships. Be persistent – you can reuse your application essays to apply. There are local, private, regional, non-profit, and national scholarships available for you. A good place to start is the scholarship page of colleges – many have merit scholarships available.

About the Author

Rebecca Joseph, Ph.D.

Rebecca Joseph, Ph.D., believes all students deserve the highest quality education possible. She is a tenured professor at Cal State LA, where she trains urban teachers and works with first generation college students....