Five Facts for Courses & Grades

Jul 28, 2017

Five Facts for Courses & Grades

Some colleges and universities ask students to submit self-reported high school academic records. To make the process of providing this information more standardized and streamlined for students and their counselors, The Common Application developed the new integration of Courses & Grades. With Courses & Grades, students can easily fill out their self-reported transcript information as part of their Common App.

There are six Common App member colleges and universities using Courses & Grades for 2017-2018. These institutions will require students who apply to complete the Courses & Grades section:

Chapman University (CA)
The George Washington University (Washington, DC)
The Ohio State University (OH)
Purdue University (IN)
University of Southern California (CA)
West Virginia University (WV)

There are helpful Common App Training videos to get you started if you're using Courses & Grades! You should also check out this infographic for extra guidance. 

Five more facts to know about Courses & Grades in 2017-2018:

* Courses & Grades will launch when the 2017-2018 Common App opens on August 1, 2017.

* In order for a student to utilize Courses & Grades, they must have access to their high school transcript; the transcript must use grades; their high school must use semesters, trimesters, quarters, or block scheduling; and the student must graduate with a high school diploma.

* Students who fall outside these parameters will not be required to complete the Courses & Grades section.

* Counselors who have a student using Courses & Grades must still send an official transcript for that student (part of the School Report).

* Courses & Grades was developed from the feedback of member institutions, high school students, and counselors. The Common App hosted a series of student and counselor focus groups with beta testing to determine how to make the self-reported transcript process accessible and efficient.