Two New Features for Students: Inviting Advisors & Sharing In-Progress Preview

Sep 19, 2017

Two New Features for Students: Inviting Advisors & Sharing In-Progress Preview

The Common Application now has two new features to support students who are applying to college: the ability to invite an Advisor and the option of sharing a preview of their in-progress applications.

Invite an Advisor

Today’s students may receive guidance from individuals and organizations other than their school counselors. To help these educators support their students as fully as possible, we have created a new Advisor role within the Common App Recommender System.

Advisors can be anyone who is assisting a student with the application process. Once invited by an applicant, they can view that student’s progress through the application, offering encouragement and assistance as needed. Applicants can invite up to three advisors. The Advisor invitation and profile information will not be visible to a student's colleges or any other invited Recommender.

Share a Read-Only View of Application

In addition to inviting an Advisor, applicants can also share with their Counselors and Advisors a read-only view of their Common Application, including responses to college-specific questions and Writing Supplements.

Students can access both the Advisor and the application sharing features from the Recommenders and FERPA section within the "My Colleges" tab. 

For more information on how the preview and student progress details are displayed to Advisors and Counselors, check out these video tutorials of the Advisor Profile and the Counselor Students Tab.