The Power of Social Media

Dec 15, 2018

The Power of Social Media

Social media is more than just tweets and gifs - it can be an incredibly valuable resource for knowledge and can spark robust conversation! Now that the height of college application season is upon us, social media can be a great tool for students to learn about managing deadlines, financial aid and scholarship opportunities, and find strategies and tips for rededicating their focus to academics, extracurricular activities, and future planning while awaiting college decisions.

Here are three great ways students and those who support them can take advantage of social media to help with the college application process:

1. Follow Common App! Not only do we provide advice about completing the Common App on our channels, including Twitter and Facebook, we connect students and those who support them to valuable student resources, like scholarship and financial aid information, training videos, and, of course, application support. Be sure to check our feeds often for the latest application news, updates and tips!

2. Lots of great organizations have hosted engaging and timely Twitter chats that address various aspects of the college application process. The good news is, even though the chats have come and gone, the content remains! Tap into some of the incredibly informative Twitter chats that have taken place this year, hosted by Common App and so many others:

#WhyApply, hosted by ACAC and Get Schooled, provided advice and motivation to students on navigating the college application process. 

#TransferChat, hosted by Common App and NISTS, focused on tips and guidance for students looking to transfer to a 4-year institution or restart their college journey. 

#GSSummerSeries, hosted by Get Schooled, was a three-part Twitter series that provided critical information about identifying and applying for scholarship opportunities, tackling college essays, and building a college list. 

#FirstGenChat, hosted by CollegeFindMe, shared valuable guidance for students who are the first in their families to pursue a college degree.

3. Does your school counseling office or organization have a social media account? We know that many of your students do! We also know that you have a lot of information you want your students to digest, and an easy way to distribute information from other sources about deadlines, application tips and more is through social media channels.

* If your office has not yet created a social media account, we highly recommend doing so! This is a great way to connect with your students with a wide range of critical information. Be sure to follow Common App!

* Once you've created your account, make sure your students are aware of the counseling resources available on your account and encourage them to follow you.

* Post relevant, timely information from other resources as well as information of your own, including those from Common App! Be sure to link to articles, videos, and tools that might be useful to your students.

* We know this is not a replacement for providing necessary counseling resources to your students. But it can definitely help to bolster your efforts!

EXTRA CREDIT: It helps for students to have reinforcement that they are not alone in the college application process. There are many organizations who are dedicated to supporting students in all aspects of their journey to college - from college planning to scholarship and financial aid leads. There are, of course, too many to name! But here are a few with whom Common App has engaged in many lively Twitter chats and who regularly share valuable information on social media: 

* American College Application Campaign (@American_CAC)

* Better Make Room (@BetterMakeRoom)

* Big Future (@MyBigFuture)

* Get Schooled (@GetSchooled)

* Jack Kent Cooke Foundation (@TheJKCF)

* National College Access Network (@collegeaccess)

* Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (@PHITHETAKAPPA)

* Reach Higher (@ReachHigher)

* Strive For College (@Strive4C)

What would you like to see more of on Common App social media channels? Get in touch with us! We’d love to learn more about what resources you need to help your students, and if there is any information you have that you would like for us to amplify. Feel free to send us a direct message - we would love to hear from you.