Teacher Appreciation Week: May 6-10

Apr 29, 2019

Teacher Appreciation Week: May 6-10

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6-10! We hope you’ll join us in celebrating all the teachers who have made a difference in so many students’ lives.

Members of the Common App team took some time to reflect on some of the impactful educators from their pasts.

"Mrs. Fields - my 2nd grade teacher - had an incredible impact on how I think about and serve others. There was a person in my class who needed someone to support them since they had different learning needs and Mrs. Fields asked me to work with this student. It was an early example of my current view of 'people for others'." - Kyran Kennedy

"Mrs. Gilmore was a middle school teacher who touched lives with her enthusiastic faith in students. She was creative, positive, excited about our ideas and always encouraging. Even if she had to redirect or help you refine an approach, she would always celebrate the fact that you were thinking! This was not commonplace in my school or my world at the time. I still have the copy of Kabril Gibran's 'The Prophet' that she gave me for high school graduation. She saw me. She knew me. And she believed in me. Which helped me to believe in myself. She was my first and forever mentor." - Annette Collins

"My senior year of high school I had a Sociology teacher named Mrs. Weidman. She was one of those teachers who really cared about her students and their lives, not just how they were as students. We would sit and eat lunch with Mrs. Weidman every day and talk not only about our lives, but important issues that were happening in the world and why we needed to care about them. Mrs. Weidman was one of the best examples of a teacher investing in a student and pushing that student to succeed." - Emma Crisci

"I have wonderful memories of many teachers from elementary school through graduate school. One teacher I'd like to thank is Mrs. Rizzo, my 9th grade World Cultures teacher. Mrs. Rizzo expanded my world view beyond the small town I lived in and made learning fun. Through Mrs. Rizzo, I got to host exchange students from Australia and travel to Australia and travel there. Her passion for teaching and her ability to connect with me beyond our time together in class has stayed with me all these years later. We don't often go back to tell our teachers how they have made a difference in our lives, but we should!" - Meredith Lombardi

Students: we hope you’ll take a moment to thank a teacher in your life. Whether they have provided a recommendation letter to the college of your choice or helped you navigate a tough subject, teachers deserve a round of applause for the incredible work they do every day.