Common App Member Shares How Powerful Data Tool Empowers Enrollment Strategies

Jun 18, 2018

Common App Member Shares How Powerful Data Tool Empowers Enrollment Strategies

For most of his college admissions career, Rob Springall, Board Chair at The Common Application and Vice President of Enrollment Management at Muhlenberg College, has been the data guy. Rob recalls exploring the exciting possibilities of Microsoft MapPoint back in 1999 when he was Assistant Director of Engineering Admissions at Cornell University.

“I remember standing in a Staples store in Syracuse reading the box. It was exciting to think about how to visualize our data through an entirely new lens. I’ve always searched for solutions that will turn data into useful information and provide immediate and accurate answers,” said Rob.

Now, almost two decades later, Rob is still focused on finding the best tools to gain insight on applicant pool trends and make data-driven decisions without having to wait on laborious reports or redirect recruitment resources. This past year, his quest led him to Common App Insight, the new data visualization and analytics platform offered to all member institutions to help them take full advantage of their Common App data, including year-over-year reporting, and achieve enrollment goals.

When he arrived at Muhlenberg College last July, Rob needed an interactive solution to help him quickly understand admissions trends and what to expect for the upcoming year, but he didn’t have a data warehouse to go to for answers.

“We were looking at the Early Decision deadline, so it was critical that we had a tool to help us see what applicant behavior was like for certain November dates in previous years. Common App Insight provided us with the valuable historical data to view week-to-week progression of our applicant pool, so we could have confidence in our Early Decision strategies,” Rob said.

With Common App Insight, Rob and his team had the ability to look at specific data points easily, without having to seek additional staffing or resources to run reports or pull data from another system. He’s also turned to the tool, which includes a career interest field, to identify the evolving interests of applicants to ensure enrollment management initiatives are well planned. Moving forward, Muhlenberg College’s campus-based and regional recruiters will also use Common App Insight.

“You can utilize the platform right away. There’s no set-up that your data team has to do. It’s also very intuitive to use. We now have more reliable, real-time, and historic data in one solution than any other single system at my college,” said Rob.

Hear more about Rob’s experience with Common App Insight in this recorded webinar. You’ll learn how your institution can have unprecedented access to more than 30 preconfigured reports and up to five years of historical data. Get the most out of your Common App data and shape your incoming class with one tool.