A Heartwarming Holiday Harvard Acceptance Video

Jan 02, 2017

A Heartwarming Holiday Harvard Acceptance Video

This has been an amazing year for new partnerships for Strive. Our partnership with The Common Application has seen more than 145,000 students opting into the opportunity for one-on-one mentoring. Deloitte has teamed up with us to recruit its employees as Strive mentors. Just a couple months into the partnership, Deloitte employees have helped over 800 students. It is great to hear success stories from these collaborations.   

A special story that really touched our hearts is the story of Jerry. Jerry was born in Haiti, and grew up and lives in New York. A senior in high school, Jerry’s interests vary and include debate team, Honors Societies, playing violin in the orchestra, singing in chorus, performing in school productions, and being on the swim team. His academic interests involve medicine, engineering, psychology, and computer science.

A few months ago Jerry discovered Strive for College while filling out The Common Application and opted in to our program. He selected his mentor, Forrest. Forrest is an IT consultant with Deloitte. A recent graduate from Virginia Tech, he has been mentoring with Strive as a part of the partnership with Deloitte. “I have greatly enjoyed being a mentor,” says Forrest. “It is amazing to watch students grow from week to week as they start their college journey.”

“Forrest has been a wonderful mentor,” says Jerry. “ I've come to Forrest with anxiety, stress, and confusion, and he puts me at ease by telling me how he'd dealt with the same things and navigated through them. He gives me very good advice and information.”

“Having a real live person to go through that whole process with is really helpful and comforting,” says Jerry. “I didn’t receive the same vague information I'd heard before. Forrest is very honest and candid, easy to talk to, and he gives me real advice that zoned in on the specific problems and questions I have.”

“I only applied to Harvard so far, and I plan to apply to two more colleges,” says Jerry. “After that, I'll spend some time comparing programs I get into before I make a final decision.”

Jerry recently received notice that he has been accepted into Harvard!! Watch his and his family’s reaction.

“The pay-off really comes when the student feels the confidence that he or she can achieve their goals, and then actually achieves their goals,” says Forrest. “The fact that I can help instill that confidence is a blessing. It’s an honor to help them on their journey.

Strive mentoring helps students reach higher education and achieve their dreams! Jerry’s story and video (please WATCH the video if you haven’t already) reminds us that we all have the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life -- and their family’s life -- in a meaningful and impactful way.

This post contributed by guest blogger Michael J. Carter, Founder & CEO, Strive for College.