Planning for the Application Experience of the Future

Aug 18, 2017

Planning for the Application Experience of the Future

Earlier this year, The Common Application launched a creative and collaborative process to reimagine its future -- to envision a college preparation and application experience that meets the needs of the changing demographic of students from varied backgrounds and experiences.

“As we work to create innovative solutions to expand opportunities for students everywhere, we’ve engaged admissions professionals, counselors, students, and partners,” said Jenny Rickard, President & CEO of The Common Application. “We asked, and they responded -- thoughtfully, generously, and enthusiastically.”

In workshops, interviews, surveys, and small group discussions, participants have shared their perspectives, experiences, and ideas for making college possible for more students.

Under the leadership of the Strategic Planning Committee of The Common Application Board and with the assistance of Tomorrow Partners, a human-centered design firm, we have gathered a wealth of ideas and identified opportunities to advance our mission to promote access, equity, and integrity in the college admission process.

The Common App asked. Counselors and admissions professionals responded.

We will continue to engage with The Common App community in the coming months and will share additional updates in the fall.